CommsConsult, successfully won an EU Framework Agreement contract in a consortium led by the Bath-based company Landell Mills. The consortium, made up of CommsConsult and four other specialist communications agencies AgtelAlbany Associates, Atrevia and Scriptoria, has been chosen to provide a range of short-term communications expertise to EU Delegations around the world. Assignments range from the design and delivery of integrated communication events and campaigns; production of information tools, multi-media and audio visual materials; websites; publications; and communication strategies to increase the visibility of EU Delegations around the world.

The framework agreement runs for two years initially, with the possibility of a further two-year extension.

For the next two years, beginning July 2016, CommsConsult will work to “enhance the visibility of the European Union in Zambia and improve the awareness of the EU-Zambia partnership in all its dimensions with the Government of Zambia, NGOs, business community, academia, media, and the people of Zambia, through increased information, communication and visibility activities”.

The Information, Communication and Visibility campaign is crucial. Since 1975, the European Union has partnered the government of Zambia in the implementation of several development projects transport infrastructure, health, agriculture and public financial management.

“We are keen to highlight the positive and concrete difference that the EU has made in Zambia…how has the EU fared against similar organisations”

Ambassador Allesandro Mariani, Head of the EU Delegation in Zambia.

Farai Samhungu, CommsConsult director, takes the leading role as the Senior Expert managing a team responsible for developing a dynamic Information, communication and visibility campaign.

Currently in its inception phase, CommsConsult are working directly with different teams in the EU Delegation Zambia, particularly Press and Communications, to develop an approach which complements and adds value to already existing communication and visibility activities.

In order to maximise the impact of all communication activities, the team will conduct a detailed map of stakeholders and an audit of available materials. The team will then work to produce a suite of communication and information materials which complement existing products and that meet a clear rationale which promotes the strategic vision and objectives of the EU- Zambia partnership.

  • Project Type: Communication Strategy
  • Lead unit: Strategic Communication
  • Client: Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Zambia and COMESA
  • Location: Zambia