Our vision is of a world where communication plays a central and strategic role in all development practice


The Strategic Communication Unit is here to help organisations develop strategies for managing their work in ways that improve the visibility of outcomes to decision makers in business and policy. This often means being smarter about the way that you communicate and engage with others. We offer services for enhancing the communication of evidence, building systems and frameworks for stakeholder inclusion, and planning project coordination. This could be helping you to design an engagement strategy as well as developing theories of change for reaching new audiences and a wider public. Our consultancy services are designed to provide robust support and knowledge across all aspects of professional development in research communication.

What services do we offer?

  • Communication Strategies: Assist organisations to develop targeted, innovative communication strategies for managing their work in ways that improve the visibility of outcomes to decision makers in business and policy
  • Healthchecks: At an organisational or project level we can examine the visibility of specific communication products and platforms (including traditional and new media) to produce an in-depth report including analysis and future recommendations
  • Social Media Campaigns: Design and execute targeted campaigns to build and engage with audiences, building capacity to use and manage social media tools productively, competently and confidently for research uptake
  • Multimedia Campaigns: Incorporate multimedia; video, images and data visualisation techniques into engaging and impactful communication campaigns
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation tools for tracking communication campaigns
  • Pathways to Impact: Help academic researchers develop sound “pathways to impact” using theory based approaches and practical tools

What can you expect?

  • Receive a comprehensive and concise analysis of your current communication outputs to feed into specific recommendations for building ongoing audience and engagement

  • Increase your profile and grow a digital community around specific areas of interest, advocating your message or call to action

  • Benefit from a communication strategy that makes you feel confident performing ongoing internal and external communication strategies.

Why CommsConsult?

You will receive a tailored service from a team of communication experts experienced in international development.

You will benefit from working with experts at the cutting edge of digital storytelling and who are always looking for interesting and innovative ways to engage and communicate.

We are passionate about what we do and why we do it, and this will reflect in all we do for you.

We love a challenge, and thrive on the chance to put our expertise to the test.

At CommsConsult, nothing is impossible…we make it our mission to find the right solutions to suit your communication needs.