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Think Tank Exchange 2015: Looking Back

Client: Think Tank Initiative

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A toolkit on Policy Engagement and Communication, 2014

Client: TTI PEC

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A short film documenting the Impact Training Workshop, 2013

Client: REF project,  University of Falmouth

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National Agribusiness Strategy of Kenya, 2012

Client: Agricultural Sector, Kenyan Government



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An introduction to the Adaptive Social Protection Programme (ASP), 2012

Client: Institute of Development Studies

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Economic Research Forum Conference Trailer, 2012

Client: Global Development Network (GDNet) Economic Research Forum (ERF)

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Animated trailer for the Connect South Campaign, 2012

Client: Global Development Network (GDNet)


External Communications Review, 2011

Client: International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

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The Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Guide, 2011

Client: European Union Energy Initiative (EUEI) and German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)


Making Knowledge Networks Work for the Poor, Workshop Report, 2002

Client: Practical Action