We work with individuals and organisations to create a culture where impact and engagement are everyday priorities that support and advance positive change.

Malaria trial, Kampala, Uganda

How do we do this?

We help organisations develop strategies for managing their work in ways that improve the visibility of outcomes to decision makers in business and policy. This often means being smarter about the way that you communicate and engage with others.

We offer services for enhancing the communication of evidence, building systems and frameworks for stakeholder inclusion, and planning project coordination. This could be helping you to design an engagement strategy as well as developing theories of change for reaching new audiences and a wider public.

Our consultancy services are designed to provide robust support and knowledge across all aspects of professional development in research communication. We do this by offering clients contextually-relevant assessments of existing training provision followed by bespoke solutions to meet their training requirements. This gives clients essential insight into improving programme design to ensure outcomes that are relevant, effective and sustainable.

CommsConsult Ltd provides professional development training to academic researchers, research teams and programme staff globally and in the UK. Passionate about increasing the influence of research findings, our training services aim to equip researchers with everything they need to plan, document and communicate research impact. We also give practical, actionable advice on involving the public in research and building the necessary relationships to enable successful public engagement.

We specialise in:

  • Designing generic training sessions that develop the communications and influencing skills of researchers and project teams at all levels
  • Developing training materials to support professional development in research impact
  • Writing case studies and publications to help researchers tell their story and increase the visibility of their work
  • Advice and professional development support through mentoring
  • Helping academic researchers develop sound “pathways to impact” using theory based approaches and practical tools
  • Managing and using knowledge and evidence to support impact reporting
  • Advice on data presentation and demonstrating the influence of research