Research to Action (R2A) is a platform we developed to provide guidance and inspiration on how to bring development research into focus and into use. It is a platform aimed at researchers and intermediaries looking to learn the ‘How, What, When, Where and Why’ of communicating effectively with those audiences that can put their research to work.

Millions of pounds are spent on development research every single year. This new knowledge is crucial for our better understanding of the world, and for informing our actions to make our interventions more effective. To sustain this kind of investment from donors it is important to make this research travel. A significant investment in solid communications and knowledge sharing must be part of any successful research programme, and we believe that R2A provides a valuable source of information to help bridge the current gap.

Research to Action provides information on making research accessible, using intermediaries, and knowing your audience, and shows the value of monitoring and evaluating the ways in which research engages with the ‘outside’ world.

We want development research to facilitate positive action, and help bring about change, and we believe R2A can help facilitate better knowledge sharing and management. You can follow and participate throughout the site by commenting and reviewing documents; learn about approaches and tactics by using the resources and guides; make contact with other initiatives that shed light on research uptake and use; and hear from practitioners and researchers like you who are trying to put their research to good use.

For more information visit the website, follow @Research2Action on twitter or check out the R2A Facebook page.

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