In October 2015, Laura ffrench-Constant attended and reported from the University of Manchester’s Policy Week 2015 for Research to Action.

The week long event brought together leading thinkers, researchers and policy makers to debate and discuss policy relevant research. Now an annual event, the theme of this year’s Policy Week was Science, Technology and Public Policy.

Laura attended several key sessions throughout the week, blogging from each one for cross publication on both the Research to Action Dialogue Space and the Manchester Policy Blog. Topics discussed included how much evidence is ‘enough’ prior to policy implementation?, can researchers speak truth unto power and what is citizens social science and how can it help policy?’. Laura, with support from the R2A team, also convened a live Twitter Q&A in conjunction with the penultimate session of the week on ‘Engagement between Scientists and Politicians: Communication of Evidence and Ideas’. To view a summary of the Twitter Q&A, visit Research to Action’s Storify here. Outputs from the event generated a lot of online traction and audience, especially some of the more innovative and unusual reporting techniques – see Laura’s blog on their visual note taking (or scribing).


  • Project Type: Social Reporting
  • Lead Unit: Research to Action
  • Client: University of Manchester
  • Location: Manchester