This study aimed to identify a method of storing, sharing and disseminating research findings and knowledge in the rural transport sector. It was carried out on behalf of the African Community Access Programme (AFCAP) by the International Forum for Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD). The IFRTD consulting team consisted of Paul Starkey and Farai Samhungu with initial inputs from Priyanthi Fernando.

The assignment involved:

  • Investigating the range of feasible knowledge management and sharing solutions, taking to consideration issues of governance and sustainability
  • Evaluating existing knowledge management and sharing solutions in the sector, focusing on the institutions or bodies that have ownership and lead the promotion of such knowledge
  • Conducting a survey of practitioners’ requirements for access to information and research
  • Recommending the best knowledge management and sharing solution for AFCAP, including institution(s) that could own and disseminate AFCAP research findings.

The results of the survey have been presented in a Needs Assessment Report (Starkey and Samhungu, 2013). The needs assessment report summarised the results of a survey of transport professionals conducted in February 2013.

The study made the following recommendations to improve knowledge management and information dissemination in the sector by recognising that there is a need to:

  1. Make relevant literature available on the web.
  2. Put details of literature into user-friendly, accessible databases.
  3. Inform and alert people to available resources.
  4. Use key knowledge from derivative publications to influence policy and practice.
  5. Encourage and facilitate discussions and personnel contacts.
  • Project Type: Evaluation/Publication
  • Location: Zimbabwe
  • Client: African Community Access Programme (AFCAP) and International Forum for Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD)