CommsConsult was invited to carry out a ‘Communications Review’ of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) with objectives to include an audit of ‘outward-facing’ communication activities including social media platforms; a critique of 2006 Communication Strategy; an analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s structures; and the development of an Operational Plan.

This involved visiting both ILRI campuses in Ethiopia and Kenya, and conducting interviews with around 40 staff. Interviews were also conducted with a limited number of relevant external professionals.

Read a snapshot of the recommendations we made below:

Be more purposeful in communications choices

1. Make clear the organisation’s commitment to communicating its message externally at the highest level of Management; ensure the agenda has a ‘champion’ at Board level and expand the Advisory Board to include research uptake and communications expertise.

2. Develop a Theory of Change for the organisation (building on Outcome Mapping) which describes uptake pathways for research evidence and external communication messages.

3. Prioritise who are the organisation’s key audiences and in each case identify what you want them to know about ILRI and its work; what you want them to THINK about you; and what is the behaviour you want them to display towards you.

4. Take seriously the recommendations of the recent review of partnerships, and seek to create and exploit reputational capital by building and maintaining healthy partnerships.

The full review report is now publicly available online.

  • Project Type: External Communications Review
  • Client: International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
  • Location: Ethiopia