CommsConsult were brought on board by the Agricultural Sector (ASCU) of the Government of Kenya in order to assist with the writing, creation and project management of an Agribusiness Strategy. The document proposed concrete and strategic actions to recognise Kenya’s enormous entrepreneurial potential and make the most of opportunities in local, national, regional and international markets. The strategy recommends how to introduce the systems and structures needed to bring about a dynamic and competitive agribusiness sector in Kenya. It aims to make existing systems work more flexibly and adaptively to suit changing conditions in a way that can exploit new market opportunities.


As well as managing the writing and editing of the document, CommsConsult brought on board a local design company to create some exciting and dynamic infographics, charts and graphs. These not only support the body of the content with statistics and evidence, but set the document apart from the standard Government sober documents.


View the final document: National_AgriBusiness_Strategy

  • Project Type: Publication
  • Lead Unit: Editorial
  • Client: Agricultural Sector, Kenyan Government