CommsConsult was commissioned to assist the INDEPTH Network with developing a policy engagement and communications strategy that is clear, innovative and robust. The strategy was developed over a period of four months and outlines how more effective policy engagement and research communication mechanisms, better linkages within the INDEPTH network, and a refreshed brand will help establish INDEPTH as the leading provider of invaluable health statistics in low to middle income countries in Africa and Asia.

The INDEPTH Network is a leading global research organisation, supplying crucial data on health and demographics to governments and stakeholders in over twenty countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Since its establishment in 1998, the INDEPTH Network has been at the cutting edge of longitudinal health and demographic research, providing information to governments that lack capacity to gather their own research data while strengthening policies by providing evidence that would otherwise be based on very partial or no data at all.

Strategic Communication

CommsConsult undertook a comprehensive diagnostics exercise in order to fully comprehend the INDEPTH Network, specifically its policy engagement and communications activities. This exercise provided a useful insight into what encourages and prohibits policy engagement as well as establishing a crucial baseline against which INDEPTH will measure its progress and impact.

As part of the diagnostic CommsConsult undertook interviews with the working group and Secretariat, as well as stakeholders, to understand the organisation’s policy engagement activities. These interviews revealed how far the concept of research to policy has been implemented and the extent to which the organisation engaged in the policy making process. The diagnostic also included a desk review of past strategies as well as the organisation’s M&E systems and a review of funding documents in order to assess how far policy influence is embedded.

Additionally, CommsConsult reviewed the organisation’s knowledge of managements systems and an online survey for all centres that are members of the INDEPTH Network. A Stakeholder analysis was also undertaken in order to understand the organisation’s key stakeholders and their ability to contribute to the organisations in order to achieve its policy engagement ambitions. CommsConsult also checked all of INDEPTH’s public facing communication platforms and tools.

The results of this diagnostic for Policy Engagement and Communication were written up and shared with the Secretariat and key members of the Network.

  • Project Type: Communication Strategy
  • Lead Unit: Strategic Communication
  • Client: INDEPTH Network
  • Location: Ghana