ZeipNet is part of the BCURE Vaka Yiko consortium led by INASP.

CommsConsult were invited by ZeipNet to deliver the fourth and final module of their Evidence Informed Policy Making (EIPM) course. CommsConsult delivered two 1.5 day workshops to participants from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, and Parliamentarians. CommsConsult identified the relevant course requirements and delivered these through interactive presentations and audience participation based on the INASP and ODI toolkit.

The Network focused on ways to communication messages through a variety of oral and visual messages. The course also sought to provide recommendations in the context of the challenges faced by the participants, such as overcoming bureaucracy through involving decision makers in elements of communicating research evidence.

CommsConsult worked with the original INASP coursework to identify and contextualise relevant content, as well as developing PowerPoint slides to support learning. CommsConsult delivered the following module topics:

Effective communication and messaging

Learners were encouraged to reflect on their use of communication in their internal environment and, through this, how their external environment may present opportunities for networking and engagement. Using the Stakeholder Mind Map, CommsConsult enabled participants to identify stakeholders and their sub-categories.

Presenting key messages and evidence: oral communication

Learners were introduced to the principles of giving compelling presentations. Learners then developed their own presentations and received feedback.

Effective written communication

Learners were introduced to different forms of written communication and asked to discuss the nuances of each in communicating evidence. Learners were provided with the tools for effective policy brief critique and analysis.

Data visualisations and infographics

Participants learnt how to create appropriate and impactful data visuals.

  • Project Type: Workshop
  • Lead Unit: Training
  • Client: Zimbabwe Evidence-Informed Policy Network (ZeipNet)
  • Location: Harare, Zimbabwe