CommsConsult was part of the consortium leading the 3ie Policy Influence Monitoring (PIM) project that began in 2012.

The PIM project was a three year global project funded by the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) to monitor the policy influence of the impact evaluations that they fund across Africa, South and South East Asia and Latin America, and to do this in a way that helps the researchers to maximise the value and impact of their Impact Evaluations.

The consortium was led by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in partnership with three regional organisations: CommsConsult in UK and Zimbabwe, the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA) in Sri Lanka, and the Centro de Implementación de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento (CIPPEC) in Argentina.

3ie was committed to maximising the impact of its Impact Evaluations, and provided a range of resources for its funded researchers to maximise the policy impact of their research, and to monitor the results, including an on-line Toolkit. The PIM project was an additional resource for researchers to use.

While working alongside and with the researchers, the project provided an exciting and rare opportunity to learn about the factors and variables that inform how and when research generally, and independent evaluations specifically, influences policy.

Read Nyasha Musandu’s insights into the project here:

The road to policy influence begins with mapping?

View the 3ie Project Leaflet

  • Project Type: Consultancy
  • Location: Africa, Latin America and South Asia
  • Client: The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation