In 2016 CommsConsult was asked to deliver policy brief training to the Palestinian National Institute of Public Health (PNIPH), a WHO supported initiative that is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

PNIPH was created to utilise reliable and proven evidence relating to public health in the decision-making process within the Palestinian context. In an effort to improve and streamline research communication through the use of Policy Briefs, PNIPH aimed to develop a more strategic approach. CommsConsult were brought on to enable their teams to engage with this strategy effectively.

The training workshop was designed to familiarise researchers and technical staff with the concept of research communication. Participants were introduced to the art of writing policy briefs in a concise, engaging and visually stimulating way.  The two-day workshop incorporated both theoretical and practical work, to exemplify the value of thinking strategically about target audiences and the key messages that resonate with them, and how to build a compelling case to influence/inform policy processes.

Participants left the workshop with a renewed understanding of the importance of distilling research into accessible policy briefs, with over 75% of participants feeling confident in writing a policy brief and the remaining 25% feeling very confident.

  • Project Type: Capacity Buildng
  • Lead unit: Training
  • Client: Palestinian National institute of Public Health
  • Location: Ramallah, Palestine