Inés Arangüena

Inés is a Project Officer at CommsConsult, providing logistical and editorial support on client projects. She originally joined the organisation to provide editorial support for Research to Action’s Impact Practitioner initiative that brings together summaries of global resources to help people monitor the impact of their research.

Ines is an avid writer, publishing articles for news outlets and political blogs, and has been a contributing writer for a book. Previous experience includes interning at The DailyTelegraph newspaper and Brunswick Group LLP. Alongside her work at CommsConsult, she is the Senior Deputy Editor for Europinion, where she has provided coverage on Spanish and Pacific region politics.

With a BA in Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick, she will now pursue her MA in International Relations at King’s College London. Her academic interests lie broadly within international development and the politics of climate change, intelligence and international security.