Kathy Addy

Kathy Addy is a communications professional with extensive experience in Ghana and across Africa. She is passionate about communications for development and research uptake though the breadth of her expertise covers a wide range of Communications’ specializations including Strategic Communication Planning; Corporate Communication; Media Relations and Training.

She has supported several organizations, both governmental and non-governmental in Ghana and in Africa with communications strategies and interventions to enhance the impact of their work.  As a result, she has gained extensive knowledge in a wide range of sectors including governance, gender and international trade.

As a communications specialist for the Afrobarometer project, Kathy works to bring Afrobarometer research to life by transforming data and findings into outputs that are accessible to relevant audiences. She undertakes training for key audiences like policy makers, media practitioners and civil society actors to demonstrate the value of incorporating research evidence for greater impact of their work.

Prior to her time at Afrobarometer, Kathy worked on projects in gender and economic development, gender based and domestic violence, economic development through international trade and many others.

She currently serves on the board of the Tropical St Anthony Foundation, a grant-making organization that caters for tuition and accommodation costs for brilliant and needy students who have been accepted into university.

She is a strong believer in research that informs interventions that transform lives.