Megan Lloyd-Laney

CommsConsult Director

BSc Geography; Postgrad Diploma Journalism

Megan has worked for more than 25 years in the development sector. She is co-founder of CommsConsult (with Farai Samhungu) and Director of the UK company CommsConsult Ltd. She has been, at different stages of her career, a science journalist, a policymaker, an NGO development worker and a trainer.

Megan Lloyd-Laney has quality assured the strategic communication and policy influence of up to £30m global public goodresearch while working for DFID’s Research and Evidence Division. She has developed protocols and guidelines to help researchers systematise their communication throughout the research cycle to maximise uptake; and has conducted numerous evaluations of the policy uptake and impact of multicountry, multi-partnership, long-term research programmes. She has led teams that help policymakers such as the World Bank to understand and meet demand for information, and on improving the effectiveness of knowledge networks. She has reviewed the effectiveness of many organisations’ communications and influencing activities, such as IFPRI, and performed trouble-shooting assignments for both research and development projects such as DFID-funded AAWAZ Voice and Accountability Programme in Pakistan.


Skills: Advocacy training; Evaluation of organisational communication strategies; Impact quality assurance;Impact workshop design; Mentoring


“If Knowledge is Power (Frances Bacon, 1597)… then communication is all about power-sharing” (anon)