An Introduction to my Opportunity

Zim office door“When an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”: When I came across this saying earlier today, written on a street poster, I just smiled. It gave me an understanding of how and why one should appreciate opportunities that present themselves in life.

The fact that I am currently sitting in the Zimbabwe office as the newest member of the CommsConsult team, means that I am also appreciated: someone opened a door for me and presented me with a world of opportunities. So instead of hiding myself in between pages of history, I am ready to embrace what today has for me and where it will take me.

In facing the future with optimism, there is one teaching I will not leave behind: one that has shaped me to be what I am today. It was the profound teachings of my mother who gave me the opportunity of life, and the prospect of looking for opportunities wherever I travelled within it.

Growing up, I was unfortunate to lose both parents when I was young, but I was blessed to receive love from both of them. Of particular interest was my mother, she always found time to be involved with things in my life. I had no idea how she balanced it so well because she had four other children, an extended family, a home and herself to look after. I am sure my siblings can testify to how mum was always available for them too; this made us all feel special.

Now that I am older I often find myself faced with the same responsibility of caring for others, my work and the general things around me. I am not surprised about this cycle because there is really nothing new under the sun, but what eventually dawned on me was that my mother was not always there in person to provide this care; it was rather her introduction and contribution that made her unforgettable.

Her charisma was always something to be reckoned with. This is part of me now, the introduction to the opportunity of life and today I shall embrace it and use my voice, actions, charisma and silence to meet my destiny and embrace the challenges and opportunities I meet along the way.

It is encouraging that what I saw this morning, pinned to a wall on my journey to work, shaped my day’s thoughts; tomorrow I will  embrace the challenges of this busy journey with an eye to opportunity and success.

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