Farai Samhungu

CommsConsult Director
MA Mass Communications


Farai Samhungu has worked in development communications and media for over 20 years. The trajectory of her career has involved developing successful communications strategies, communications programmes and projects; as well as mobilising resources for their effective implementation. As communications lead, Farai supported institutions and programmes to document their project processes and advising on advocacy strategies to feed into various policy making processes. As Advocacy Adviser for UNFPA in Zimbabwe, she guided advocacy work in the areas of population, HIV/AIDS, gender and sexual and reproductive rights.

As a senior member of staff at both IPS and Intermediate Technology Development Group (now Practical Action), she gained extensive knowledge and skills in management and organisational development through her contributions to the vision and strategic direction of both organisations, as well as management of operations.

She has knowledge and practical experience of working on programmes to influence policy as well as advising and mentoring organisations on effective policy influence.

Skills: Extensive knowledge of media and media development in Africa; Development of capacity building programmes; Development and management of mentorship programmes; Organisational management; Delivering communications reviews and developing tailored communications strategies