Laurie Huggett

Senior Associate: Editorial

BA Hons English Language and Literature; MA Creative Writing

Laurie Huggett is the CommsConsult Editorial specialist. She oversees a Unit with a strong track record in producing content which both engages existing audiences and creates new communities. With experience in research communication, digital journalism and marketing, Laurie has worked on a wide range of communication projects within global development.

A specialist in digital storytelling and online communities, she has a diverse editorial portfolio including: the management of international news portals; film production and script writing; publication critiques and strategy development; and interactive storytelling and community development at events. She is also experienced in advising on best practice in identifying, engaging and influencing stakeholders.

With a background in English language and literary history, Laurie is fascinated by the process of cultural representation and construction through words and stories. She is interested in the way in which communities respond to particular language use and structure and, specifically, how this can be used to facilitate positive social change. She has an interest in ‘story communities’ and believes all narratives can be strengthened by identifying the literary and linguistic context of your audience.

Skills: Editorial management and content strategy; Proofreading and copy editing; Editorial M&E; Graphic design; New Media; Film Production


“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” (Lawrence Clarke Powell)