UPCOMING!! Increasing the influence of your research: Impact training workshop

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On Tuesday the 15th October, CommsConsult, alongside Falmouth University and the University of Exeter, is inviting researchers to participate in a one day workshop to explore tactics and strategies for maximising the impact and influence of research. This practically focused workshop will be made up of researcher presentations of real world case examples of impact-driven research, participant discussion through group exercises, and developing short project strategies.

Recognising the unique needs of different disciplinary groups and researcher profiles, this event explores practical techniques for conducting participatory research, embedding public engagement in the research process, and documenting impact. Participants will be encouraged experiment with a range of tools and models and will be given the opportunity to work with each other on specific research design dilemmas.

Particular consideration will be given to how researchers can think about impact and engaging the public from the start of a research project, in a ways that account for the diversity of researcher activity, method and the needs of stakeholders and audiences. The workshop will move the focus away from REF2014 toward a more holistic understanding of how impact and engagement present opportunities for researchers to increase the influence of their research.

Themes to be covered include:

  – Engaged, participatory and interactive approaches for research projects

  – Public engagement and research communication

  – Monitoring and evaluating the impact of your research

The workshop will take place in the Academy of Innovation and Research on Penryn Campus between 9.30am and 4.30pm and will feature presentations from a number of speakers including Dr Michael Wikes, Dr Misha Myers and Dr Caitlin DeSilvey. It has been co-ordinated by AIR and the University of Exeter in collaboration with CommsConsult Ltd and faculty members across the CUC network.

This ESF Legacy event is open to staff and researchers across CUC. This is a free event but spaces are limited. Since this is an ESF funded event, priority will be given to CUC members. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

To register for the workshop please visit: http://impactworkshopfalmouth.eventbrite.co.uk. Registration closes on Friday 4th October.

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